Friday, September 5, 2008

Brand New White Gladiator Sandals

Hi babes!. Here's a chance for you to buy a brand new white gladiator sandals Size 5 at RM55.00 (Include Shipping). I'm selling it off because I've got too many sandals already.

Size : 5
RM55.00 (Include Shipping)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pixies! pixies!

Pixel Arts!!. It's the latest trend accessories!. I heart pixel arts!!. You can either opt for a necklace or a keychain or even BOTH!. Just add another RM1.00 for a keychain or RM3.00 for a necklace (Please be informed that the necklace is made out of these so called "chinese good luck string").

Colourful Parrot and Pink Teddy - RM4.00 each
Blue Bunny and Yellow Girrafee - RM5.00 each

Colourful Lollipop, Colourful Heart and Pink Teddy - RM4.00 each
Musical Note - RM5.00
Colourful Cloud, Lightning and raindrops - RM7.00

Cute Lil' Mecha Pinku - RM4.00
Yellow Anchor - RM5.00
Blue Diamond - RM6.00

Colourful Parrot - RM4.00
Blue Bunny, Yellow Giraffe and Green Alien - RM5.00 each

Clueless boy and Pink Ribbon - RM5.00 each
Ice-Cream and Gameboy - RM4.00 each

Green Telephone and Bikini Swimsuit - RM5.00 each
Blue Car - RM6.00

Friday, August 22, 2008

Beach Party Showstoppers!

It's Beach Party Time!. Head out to the beach with these sexy monokinis! It's all Brand New and fresh from the oven!.

Dark Blue Monokini

Size : Free

RM70.00 *Sold*

Black Criss Cross Monokini

Size : Free

RM70.00 *Sold*

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brand New Sexy Mini Jeans Skirt

Size M

Waist : 38 cm
Length : 26 cm


Monday, May 12, 2008

Yellow Open Toe Slip In Shoe

Size : 36 / 5
Worn once only. Still in excellent condition

RM43.00 - *Sold*

Brand New Gold Shiny Handbag

Width : 38 cm
Height : 20 cm
Bottom width : 8 cm

- 1 main compartment
- 1 inside zipper pocket
- 1 cellphone pocket


Brand New Gold Studded White Handbag

Width : 42 cm
Height : 24 cm
Bottom width : 12 cm

- 1 main compartment
- 1 inside zipper pocket
- 1 cellphone pocket